Ink and Water Analytic Systems

Diginip Roller Measurement Device

For precise monitoring of ink, colour and dampening rollers, simply insert in the measuring blades between the rollers, read the colour strip width in a digital display with 0.1 mm accuracy, set the ink rollers to the desired value. That’s it. A digital measurement value with minimal deviation enables secure and reproducible roller adjustment for operational safety and less wear and tear on the rollers.

You will receive the measuring blades with accessories directly from Virona. On request, we can also provide you with professional training and introduction.

Also available: >Replacement measuring blades. Please contact us for prices and further information.

Quick Check Aqua

This measures important parameters such as pH value, conductivity, temperature, Redox potential and the sum of dissolved salts quickly and precisely. The measurement device sits perfectly in your hand, is waterproof and has an easy-to-read LCD display. This comes with a storage case containing all the fluids needed for regular calibration.

Quick Check IPA

3 seconds and just a few drops of dampening agent are enough to determine the percentage of isopropyl alcohol contained in the dampening agent.

  • Takes just a few drops of one sample (3 ml)
  • Measures in just 3 seconds
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Light (100g) & compact
  • Waterproof (IP65)
  • Matching storage box
  • Battery level indicator

QUICK CHECK IPA is a handy, easy–to-use and, thanks to temperature compensation, very precise measurement device for everyday monitoring.

The mostly automated processes involved in the preparation of dampening solutions need to be monitored and controlled. Using the included pipette the actual concentration of isopropyl alcohol can be determined throughout the dampening agent circuit, e.g. also in the water tank of the printing unit. The fast measurement accuracy, which has been confirmed by an independent testing laboratory, enables you to avoid overdosage. This not only saves isopropyl alcohol and protects the environment, it also makes it possible to prepare a safe and reproducible dampening solution.

Advantages of IPA-reduction:

  • Lower costs
  • Fewer health hazards
  • Less odour nuisance in the pressroom
  • Reduced fire and explosion hazard
  • Lower environmental pollution
  • Increased focus on environmentally-conscious print customers
  • Image improvement for the company

Virona Analytics

Proven for over 10 years in the monitoring of:

  • Printing plate copy
  • Printing machine settings
  • Ink waste analysis
  • Control of dampening solution and setting
  • Optimisation of water adjustment
  • Control of ink/water emulsions
  • Quality control of ink and dampening rollers
  • Assistance in optimising IPA reduction or IPA-free printing
  • Error analysis in printing units

Material testing for:

  • Dampening solution additives
  • Various ink formulations
  • Various ink and dampening roller materials
  • Various types of printing plates
  • Print testing of offset blankets