Virona Colour Inspection

Virona Full Colour Inspection is the world’s first colour measurement device that scans the full length of a print while the machine is running, measuring colour accurately and displaying true to colour on the screen.

Softproofing at full production speed in an unprecedented reproduction quality, dE°° <1, comparing the scanned colour date and the measured physical pattern (X-Rite eXact 45°/0°).
Full Colour Inspection for absolute colour quality assurance!

Virona customised inspection solutions

Virona inspection solutions stand apart from standard commercial brands because we develop individualised solutions that are based on our customers’ quality requirements. Together with our partners and software specialists, we develop solutions for a wide range of requirements.

  • Inline and offline inspections with 2D scanners for the most diverse requirements
  • 3D scanners for inline inspection of depths, heights and widths
  • Spectral line scanner for colour quality control