TrueColour Vision Test

Checking colours visually? Of course! The TrueColour Vision Test for certification of quality inspectors.

The TrueColor-Vision Test is a two-step test procedure for the qualification and certification of colour vision. For the first time this combines correct colour vision and the ability to distinguish colours using the Farnsworth-Munsell® 100 Hue Test. This test can be carried out either in your company or at your branch offices. On request, the test can also be performed at our facilities.

The TrueColor-Vision Test …
… is the only test that combines the correct ability to distinguish colours with the correct colour vision.
… is based on recognized methods that have been proven over decades.
… is reproducible and carried out in a neutral environment under standard lighting conditions.

The mobile TrueColor Vision Test for certification of quality inspectors

Two different capabilities are tested in the TrueColor Vision Test:

  1. Correct colour vision
  2. Distinguishing colours

Hence, this test uniquely combines the test of colour perception with the qualification of the ability to differentiate colours.

The focus of this procedure for quality assurance is on the ability to distinguish colours using the Farnsworth-Munsell® 100 Hue Test. The test consists of four colours palettes, each of which must be sorted one after the other. This determines how well the test subject can distinguish colours. A series of colours is removed from the strip and then mixed. The test subject must rearrange the tiles according to the colour gradation under standard lighting conditions. He has 3 to 5 minutes of time for each colour palette. Each participant receives a certificate with his examination results. The Farnsworth-Munsell® 100 Hue Test is internationally recognised in many industries and has been used successfully for over 50 years, including in the industrial design segment and in quality control.

Why the TrueColor Vision Test is so important
Whoever works with colours and monitors them needs to be certain: Only those who are truly able to distinguish and clearly perceive colours can achieve valid results. Unfortunately we cannot always rely on this:

  1. Every person sees colours in his own individual way. Together and at the same time we only see a certain range, which is defined as the mean value of the ability of a person with normal colour perception.
  1. The ability to see colour is not constant and can change greatly over time due to various factors.